Belgium Underground : interview of Etienne Vernaeve

10 November 2016

Drummer of the legendary new-wave band Isolation Ward, Etienne Vernaeve had palyed with several bands before settling nowadays with Babils. He ran for a few years in the 1980’s a couple of famous cassette labels such as solide plaque, bande blanche ou encore présence. He now lives in Céroux-Mousty and loves to take photographs of people sleeping in trains.

Belgium Underground interviews Samy Birnbach

19 April 2016

Fronted by vocalist Samy Birnbach (aka DJ Morpheus, freestyle DJ extraordinaire and compiler of the Freezone series), Minimal Compact were one of the most inspirational bands of the 80’s. Founded in Tel Aviv in 1981, Minimal Compact was one of the first bands signed by the Crammed discs label. The band relocated to Brussels and became a major player in the belgian underground scene, collaborating with other expats like Colin Newman or the members of Tuxedomoon, as well as local musicians like Marc Hollander or Benjamin Lew. The band split in 1988, Rami Fortis and Berry Sakharof going on under the name Foreign Affair at first and then FortisSakharof while Malka Spigel and Max Franken went on to form Githead (with Colin Newman and Robin Rimbaud) and Samy Birnbach relaunched his carrer as a DJ under the name DJ Morpheus.

Belgium Underground : Cédric Stevens interview

15 March 2016

Cédric Stevens has been active since the 1990’s under an impressive list of pseudonyms, among which the most famous is Acid Kirk. He has also launches a series of projects and collaborations that have produced a lasting impression on the world of belgian as well as international electronic music. He has then started to work in different musical genres under his own name or with his project The Syncopated Elevators Legacy. He co-founded Elf Cut records and assumed the role of art director for the label. Nowadays he divides his time between a renewed interest for techno music and other experimental projects such as the psychedelic explorations of his new band South of no north.

Belgium Underground: interview of Alain Lefèbvre

9 March 2016

Drummer Alain Lefèbvre started his long career with punk group Thrills. He then went on to play with Marine and Digital Dance, and with a score of other projects, from Durutti Column to Tuxedomoon, and from Anna Domino to Snowy Red. He is also the co-founder of the label Stilll. He is now busy with a digital label called Off.

Belgium Underground : interview of Gabriel Séverin

16 February 2016

Founder and members of a string of bands among which Ultraphonist, Babils, Dead Hollywood Stars, Jardin d’Usure, Logatomistes, Moonsanto, Silk Saw, Tremolo Dual and more, Gabriel Séverin, akaRob(u)rang, explores various musical styles and various artistic disciplines. He is also greatly fascinated by obscure avant-gardes.

Belgium Underground met Gabriel Séverin who retraced his musical career so far.