Belgium Underground: interview of Alain Lefèbvre

9 March 2016

Drummer Alain Lefèbvre started his long career with punk group Thrills. He then went on to play with Marine and Digital Dance, and with a score of other projects, from Durutti Column to Tuxedomoon, and from Anna Domino to Snowy Red. He is also the co-founder of the label Stilll. He is now busy with a digital label called Off.

Belgium Underground: interview with Xavier Ess

2 February 2016

In 1978, Thrills, the band formed by Xavier Ess with Stephan Barbery and Alain Lefebvre is one of the first punk bands in Belgium. In line with the most radical ideas of the time, they chose to disband one year later to avoid success and the risks of sellout. Xavier Ess will then team with Alain Neffe (founder of the label Insane) and Guy-Marc Hinant (future co-founder of Sub Rosa) to create Pseudocode, a trio of improvised and experimental music that will also have a short lived (2 years) career. The band is now widely recognized as a pionneer of the experimental and industrial music scene.