Belgium Underground : interview of Gabriel Séverin

Founder and members of a string of bands among which Ultraphonist, Babils, Dead Hollywood Stars, Jardin d’Usure, Logatomistes, Moonsanto, Silk Saw, Tremolo Dual and  more, Gabriel Séverin, akaRob(u)rang, explores various musical styles and various artistic disciplines. He is also greatly fascinated by obscure avant-gardes.

He has recently published, on the russian label Kotä, the brand new album of Silk Saw, his project with Marc Mœdea. The record entitled “Imaginary Landscapes” is the first after nearly nine years of absence. It can be listened here and ordered here.

The Magazine Chain D.L.K interviewed them about this record.

Belgium Underground met Gabriel Séverin who retraced his musical career so far.