Belgium Underground, interactive exploration and great features

An unusual journey into Belgium Independent Music

Explore underground belgian music inside story, back from the early days of punk until today. A tumult of interconnected stories that built the reality and depth of a musical and artistic field.

3000 keystones of the Belgian artistic scene: musicians, djs, producers, graphic designers… (Punk / Arty / Wave / New Beat / Micro Labels)

  1. 1

    Artists, labels, bands, all interconnected

    Explore the network surrounding every artist, take a tour of the underground scene through the links connecting people to people, musicians to bands and bands to labels.

  2. 2

    Rich and well-documented files, featuring galleries and player

    Each artist, soloist or band, possesses his own file, presenting a survey of his carreer and offering a choice of music excerpts. Most of these files also contains a gallery of original photogaphs, and thirty also feature a video interview, as well as archive material.

  3. 3

    Browse genres and categories, and keep track of your journey.

    Several entry points are possible, wether you decide to explore the map at random or by following a genre in particular. Six categories suggest an exploration route through the app. Each one represents an important moment of the Belgian underground scene. But you can even design your own journey, the app will keep track of your route.




  4. 4

    A clever search engine

    The search engine enables you to locate any element of the map, and takes you to it instantaneously.


  5. 5

    Time travelling through the underground

    The app can also turn into a timeline mode which shows the birth (and sometimes the disappearance) of genres and of bands, and offers a snapshot of the underground scene at any given moment.

  6. 6

    The geography of the Belgian underground

    A map of Belgium locates fifty legendary places of the 70’s and 80’s underground scene, they can be clubs, concert halls or even record stores. For each one a texte outlines the historical context and the life of the place. Moreover, the Caravane collective has completed a photo reportage on the place as it is nowadays.