Belgium Underground : interview van Stephan Barbery

15 July 2016

Active since the end of the 1970s, Stephan Barbery has gone through (and taken part in) punk, new-wave, cold wave, post-punk and is now pursuing a career made of his own experimental music and the psychedelic improvisations of Babils. Guitarist for numerous bands, such as Thrills, Digital dance, Snowy red, Marine, Kid Montana or Ink (with Drita Kotaji), he is also a graphic designer, he has conceived a lot of record covers, and he has produced a number of fanzines (the punkzine Bobel Simplex, among others). He is also the founder of the labels Camera Obscura and Digital records.

Belgium Underground – Interview van Alain Lefebvre (NL ondertiteld)

9 March 2016

Alain Lefebvre begon zijn carrière als drummer van de punkgroep Thrills. Hij heeft vervolgens in de groepen Marine en Digital Dance gespeeld, en heeft een hele reeks samenwerkingen op zijn palmares, van Durutti Column tot Tuxedomoon, en van Anna Domino tot Snowy Red. Hij is ook medeoprichter van het label Stilll. Hij zorgt vandaag voor een digitaal label met de naam Off.

Belgium Underground: interview met Xavier Ess

2 February 2016

In 1978, Thrills, the band formed by Xavier Ess with Stephan Barbery and Alain Lefebvre is one of the first punk bands in Belgium. In line with the most radical ideas of the time, they chose to disband one year later to avoid success and the risks of sellout. Xavier Ess will then team with Alain Neffe (founder of the label Insane) and Guy-Marc Hinant (future co-founder of Sub Rosa) to create Pseudocode, a trio of improvised and experimental music that will also have a short lived (2years) career. The band is now widely recognized as a pionneer of the experimental and industrial music scene.