Belgium Underground: interview met Kloot Per W

21 October 2016

Multisided artist, painter, graphic designer, guitarist, singer, producer, Kloot per W begun his carreer playing bass in the band The Misters than guitar with The Employees before joining Polyphonic Size. He went on to produce a great number of belgian bands and artists and making a few legendary solo albuls and cassettes, that are now reeissued by labels such as Starman and Walhalla records. His drawings and paintings, pop and brutal, anti-conceptual, are regularly exposed in museums and galeries across the country. He has been touring for about ten years with a big ensemble named The Belpop Bastards. Belgium Underground has interviewed him in his garden.

Belgium Underground : interview met Lieven de Ridder

9 September 2016

Lieven de Ridder is a real music fanatic, more precisely he is a devoted fan of the underground belgian electronic scene of the 1980’s. He has rapidely evolved from a simple collector to a concert and festival curator, before setting up the label Walhalla Records to share his passion for the most obscure bands of that time. He offers a second life to unsuspected gems, originally published in limited editions on cassette tapes, now reissued for the first time on vinyl. With five volumes since 2010, his series of anthologies Underground Belgian Wave has quickly become essential, and he has recently added a volume dedicated to wave singles, as well as some judicious reissues (Asmodaeus, Kloot Per W, Bene Gesserit, Arbeid Adelt!)

Belgium Underground : interview van Stephan Barbery

15 July 2016

Active since the end of the 1970s, Stephan Barbery has gone through (and taken part in) punk, new-wave, cold wave, post-punk and is now pursuing a career made of his own experimental music and the psychedelic improvisations of Babils. Guitarist for numerous bands, such as Thrills, Digital dance, Snowy red, Marine, Kid Montana or Ink (with Drita Kotaji), he is also a graphic designer, he has conceived a lot of record covers, and he has produced a number of fanzines (the punkzine Bobel Simplex, among others). He is also the founder of the labels Camera Obscura and Digital records.