Belgium Underground : interview of Godfried-Willem Raes

17 September 2019

Composer, musician, instruments builder, Godfried-Willem Raes is first and foremost an inventor. He is the founder of the Logos foundation, of which he is still the president, and is professor of experimental music composition at the Ghent Royal Conservatory. His work has soon turned into a reflection of the means to perform really contemporary music. […]

Belgium Underground : interview of Damien Magnette

21 May 2019

Musicien autodidacte, bricoleur protéiforme, Damien Magnette est batteur, producteur de pièces radiophoniques, animateur d’ateliers de lutherie sauvage, et officie au sein de groupes comme Zoft, Facteur Cheval ou encore Why the eye?. Il est également à la base du Wild Classical Music Ensemble, un groupe atypique rassemblant cinq handicapés mentaux et la batterie de Damien, […]

Belgium Underground : interview of Alain Neffe

10 June 2016

Fondateur du célèbre label Insane music, et d’une impressionnante quantité de groupes, Human Flesh, Cortex ou encore bien sûr son projet à la plus grande longévité, Bene Gesserit, avec Nadine Bal, Alain Neffe nous raconte sa carrière de musicien, de bricoleur et sa fascination pour le réseau international d’échanges que sont les labels de cassettes.

Belgium Underground : interview with Didier Odieu

4 May 2016

Belgium Underground has met the a-typical and unorthodox singer Didier Odieu, who will retrace his delibeartely chaotic carreer, from his punk debut with the extremely short-lived band Ablasnief Krugzzz, then with Odieu et le Feu. Upsetting, prone to the most unexpected behaviour, more likely to burn his own ship than let himself be cornered, or understood, what Odieu likes is disorder.

Wave – genres and sub-genres

6 January 2016

At the end of the 1970s no one would have thought to apply the currently used term post-punk to the motley mix of genres and sub-genres that grew out of the musical continuum of the punk movement. Whether they diverged from punk for aesthetical and ideological reasons, growing away from it, or claimed lineage to […]

Punk in Belgium, 1976-78

2 December 2015

In the first half of 1976, the then new rock music magazine More! put Patti Smith on the cover of its March issue and dedicated a page and a half in the June issue to her legendary concert in May at the Paul-Emile Janson Auditorium at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, but it was established […]