Underground at the farm

At the PointCulture in Louvain-la-Neuve starts an exhibition around habitation, tinkering and rock’n’roll at the Ferme du Biéreau. Particularly rich in cult concerts, this is the story of the place as its inhabitants have experienced it.

Since 1972 the farm is animated by various collectives of people who have developed a lifestyle infusing cultural activism into everyday life.  Still active today, this new breed of farmers have harvested a lot of underground cultures.

from 05/02 to 25/03, tuesday to saturday – free

As an introduction to this exhibition, here is the history of the farm, and the association “Corps et logis” in a video-montage by Laurence Demaret, accompanied by the music of Philaretordre.

Montage vidéo réalisé par Laurence Demaret pour l'asbl Corps et logis, haut lieu culturel alternatif néo-louvaniste, avec la musique de Philaretordre.

LA FERME, de Laurence Demaret