Belgium Underground: interview of Kloot Per W

21 October 2016

Multisided artist, painter, graphic designer, guitarist, singer, producer, Kloot per W begun his carreer playing bass in the band The Misters than guitar with The Employees before joining Polyphonic Size. He went on to produce a great number of belgian bands and artists and making a few legendary solo albuls and cassettes, that are now reeissued by labels such as Starman and Walhalla records. His drawings and paintings, pop and brutal, anti-conceptual, are regularly exposed in museums and galeries across the country. He has been touring for about ten years with a big ensemble named The Belpop Bastards. Belgium Underground has interviewed him in his garden.

La Chapelle – in the late hours in Liège

2 March 2016

At first it was a timely but unpredictable destination. You would go there on Friday or Saturday nights, or sometimes both, without any real plan, any fixed trajectory. It allowed us to temporarily escape from the quiet suburbs where we lived. A week of dull drudgery was followed by a lively weekend, in the enchantment of a club. And a real one at that. Not a ballroom or a dance hall. Not some suburban cabaret. But a club—both literally and figuratively—where you could wander about or settle into a spot and stay for hours under the magic of artificial lights, like on some soft drug for the senses.