Belgium Underground : interview of Catherine Plenevaux

lexi disques

Catherine Plenevaux is the founder and editor of Brussels record label Lexi Disques. Since its first release in 2008, the single la pente/loupiotes by Benjamin Franklin, this boutique label proposes records at the crossing of experimental music and pop. Catherine Plenevaux est la patronne et fondatrice du label bruxellois Lexi Disques qui propose depuis 2008 des 45t au croisement de l'expérimentale et de la pop.With a special affection for 45 rpm vinyl eps, the label is sometimes a challenge for musicians who are more accustomed with longer formats, but prooves itself a great way to produce unique objects and to present a different side of their music. Lexi disques is a one-person operation and its catalogue, entirely made of coups de coeur possesses a very peculiar coherence. Catherine Plenevaux tells us how she went from indie pop fan to record label manager.